Southern Illinois Water Operators Association: Past Conferences 1973 -2009


Nov. 1, 1973       Waterworks Chemical Testing, Laboratory Approval Program

Evansville             July 26, 1973      Tank Maintenance, Aging of Lakes

*Giant City           May 31, 1973      Chemical Coagulation, Ground Water Supplies Plowing Plastic 

Marion                 Feb. 22, 1973      Water & Wastewater Operator Certification

Grayville              Aug. 22, 1974      Four County Water District, Operational Report

Waterloo             Aug. 1, 1974        Forms, Water Treatment Plant Waste

*Carlyle               May 23, 1974       Pesticides in Water Supplies, DPWS Rules & Reg., Algae 
                                                     Control, Development of Ground Water

Muddy                 April 11, 1974      Water Rates, PWS Sampling

West Frankfort     Feb. 21, 1974      Watching the Weather, IL Municipal Retirement System


Grand Tower        Sept. 25, 1975     Lime Manufacturing, Federal Wage & Hour Law

Mt. Carmel          July 24, 1975       �Wet in the Pine Hills� & NPDES

*Murphysboro      May 22, 1975       SDWA, Purple Power, Metromex, DPWS Rules and 
                                                     Regulations, Kinkaid WWTP

Lebanon              Mar. 26, 1975      Metromex, Sampling, Permits, Technology


Salem                 Oct. 28, 1976      Repairing Water Mains

Marion                July 15, 1976       �Coagulation� & IL Municipal Retirement System

*New Baden        May 20, 1976       Pumps, Fire Protection

West Frankfort    Mar. 17, 1976      Chlorine Safety


Altamont             Oct. 20, 1977      Bacteriological Analysis of H20

Anna                   July 27, 1977      Water Plant Happenings

*Mt. Vernon         May 26-27, 1977  Taste & Odor Problems, Centrifugal Pumps, PWS Sampling, 
                                                     Gadgets, SDWA, Water Stability, ERTC AWWA, Rend Lake
Carmi                  Mar. 17, 1977     Well Management During Drought-PWS Sampling

DuQuoin              Mar. 23, 1978     Water Storage Tank � Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

*Carbondale         May 18-19, 1978  Polymers in Coagulation Inline Filtration; Activated Carbon
                                                     Filters; New Projects Discussion & Presentation; Cardio 
                                                     Pulmonary Resuscitation; Well Maintenance & Cleaning; 
                                                     Safe Drinking Water Act; Carbondale PWS Source & 
                                                     Treatment Plant Review
New Athens         July 27, 1978      Municipal Insurance Ratings and Water Conservation Techniques

Fairfield               Mar. 28, 1979     Laboratory Certification for Chemical Testing
                                                   Laboratory Certification for Bacterial Testing

*Anna                  May 24, 1979     Annual Spring Conference

Vienna Corr.         Aug. 23, 1979    Aquatic Weed Harvest Demonstration
West Frankfort     Nov. 8, 1979       Electrical Trouble Shooting for Pumps & Motors

Marion                 Apr. 17, 1980     Elimination of Mandatory Chlorination, NPDES

*Sparta                May 22, 1980     In Plant Conservation of Energy, Emergency Call Device, Mueller Hydrants

Salem                 Aug. 27, 1980     Reservoir Capacities, Sedimentation Studies & Expected or Calculated 
                                                    Reservoir Yields

Carbondale          Oct. 23, 1980     Canceled Energy Conservation

Fairfield               Apr. 30, 1981      Environmental Resources Training Center Wastewater Operator
                                                    Certification & Training

*Mt. Carmel         May 27, 1981      Main Breaks � Methods of Repair, Leak Detection, Water Conservation

Carbondale          July 23, 1981      Canceled � Solar Energy, Wage & Hour Law

Evansville            Nov. 12, 1981      Turbidity and Bacteriological Monitoring, Laboratory Certification 
                                                    and Quality Assurance


Sesser               Apr. 29, 1982       Canceled � replaced with following meeting � Sesser rescheduled

Christopher         Apr. 29, 1982       Hoe Supply � Open House, Fire Hydrants, PVC Pipe (Johns
                                                    Manville), Clamps/Couplings (Rockwell)

*Harrisburg         May 27, 1982       Rural Water Association, Farmers Home Administration, 
                                                    Geological Development of Saline Valley Wells

Flora                  July 22, 1982       Louisville Lake Project � Corps of Engineers

Pinckneyville      Oct. 21, 1982       Canceled � replaced with following

Sesser               Oct. 21, 1982       Altering Points of Chemical Application and KmnO4 Feed

Evansville            Apr. 14, 1983      Joint meeting with the Southwest Central Water Operators 
                                                    Association � Computer Leak Detection

*Pinckneyville      June 2, 1983       Economics of metering, Trihalomethanes, Public Health 
                                                   Laboratory, Control of Chlorine Resistant Bacteria

Vienna Corr.        July 21, 1983      Meeting date was postponed to July 28, 1984, and then canceled
Ctr.                                              due to lack of commitment on meeting location and meal. 
                                                   Scheduled talks were Chester Neff (ISWS) � Lab Methods for 
                                                   Monitoring Corrosion in PWS�s and Judy Grief with McCoy & 
                                                   McCoy Laboratories in Paducah, Kentucky

Carmi                 Oct. 20, 1983      Meeting was canceled due to lack of commitment for meeting 
                                                   location. Scheduled talks included Well Development and 
                                                   Maintenance � Layne Western; and Chlorine Dioxide Feed at 
                                                   Evansville, Indiana


Kinkaid-             Mar. 29, 1984      "Computerization of IEPA Labs" andDifferentcoatings of paint for
(Murphysboro)                               for tanks: -  Mobile Oil Corp

*Olney               May 24, 1984      Chlorine Dioxide � Mark Grease, Evansville, IN, Backflow 
                                                   prevention � Watts Regulator Co., Eastern IL Univ. � 
                                                   Environmental Biology internship

Salem                Aug. 3, 1984       IL Section AWWA � �Visitation Day�

Centralia            Aug. 23, 1984      Corrosion testing, analyzing, and altering treatment � ISWS

Evansville           Oct. 25, 1984      IL Municipal Retirement Fund � Bob Mair � Mt. Carmel

Darmstadt          Mar. 28, 1985     So. IL Operators and SW Central Oper. JOINT Meeting IDOT and 
                                                  motor safety regulations and MTEC � the Modern Utility Office 

*Rend Lake        May 23, 1985     Chemical Leaching through PVC pipe � USEPA (Harry Von Huben), 
                                                  Volatile Organics in Drinking Water � L.P. O-Bryant � Mt. 
                                                  Vernon; History of Drinking Water Standards � I. M. Markwood 
                                                  � IEPA

Carrier Mills       Aug. 22, 1985     Ground Water Flow � Paul Brotcke and IL Right to Know Law � 
                                                  Tom Wallin

West Salem      Oct. 10, 1985      West Salem WTP improvements � Armen Asaturian; IL Rural 
                                                  Water  Assoc. � Bill O�Connell


Centralia           Mar. 13, 1986      Explanation of and in-depth tour of the IL Dept. Ag Animal 
                                                  Disease Lab, David Reynolds � Director

*Farina              May 22, 1986      Use of polymers � Larry Lindemuth (Water Treatment Services); 
                                                  Hazards of Chlorine Dioxide, Mark Donnelly-Charleston, IL; 
                                                  Corrosion Control on Steel Tanks, Steve Roetter (Tank 
                                                  Industry Consultants)

Giant City          Aug. 21, 1986     LADIES NIGHT OUT � Tour of Fish Hatchery and �History-
State Park                                  Recent Improvements� at Giant City State Park

Sparta               Oct. 23, 1986     Aeration � Destratification of reservoirs, Gene Bigham � Sparta, 
                                                  IL; Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST), Jim Janssen � 


Okawville         Apr. 9, 1987         Upcoming changes/additions to water quality standards by 
                                                 Dorothy Bennett (IEPA-DPWS) and tour of Original Mineral 
                                                 Springs and Bath House

*Eldorado         May 28, 1987      History of Saline Valley Conser. District (Jim Brown); Automated 
                                                 Meter Reading (Bob Whittaker � Rockwell International); 
                                                 Operator Certification (Barb Liebman � IEPA); Fluoridation 
                                                 (Larry Marquis-IDPH-Springfield); Computers and Utility Billing 
                                                 (Bill Doring � Advanced Computer Technology � Eldorado, IL), 
                                                 and Leak Detection/Line Location equipment (Howard Weiss, 
                                                 Metrotech � Columbus, OH)

Giant City          Aug. 13, 1987    LADIES NIGHT OUT � Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation by Tim 
State Park                                 Fisher � Jackson County (IL) Health Dept.

Altamont           Oct. 22, 1987     Tube Settlers � by Cliff Smith (C.B. Smith Co.), and Lake Moni. and 
                                                 Management � Jim Elkins and Dave Berry � Olney, IL

Metropolis          Apr. 7, 1988     CANCELED due to USEPA-IEPA-ERTC joint meeting regarding 
                                                changes to the Safe Drinking Water Act held in Marion, IL on 
                                                April 5, 1988

*New Athens      May 26, 1988   Toxicology of Lead (Thomas Long � IDPH-Springfield). Sources &
Kaskaskia Water                       Remedies of Lead in Drinking Water � Michael Shock � ISWS �
Dist.                                         Champaign

Grayville            Aug. 18, 1988   Well Records and Tests � Kurt Baker � E.C. Baker & Sons

Ashley              Oct. 13, 1988    Ashley WTP Renovations � Ron Schaefer Altitude & Pressure 
                                                Reducing Valves � David Wright � Cla-Val Co

Metropolis        Apr. 13, 1989    Chlorine Safety and Emergency Cylinder Repair � Tom Hampton, 
                                               P.B. & S Chem. Co. � Paducah, Kentucky

*Benton            May 25, 1989    Pressure changes due to Dual Check Valves, Wally Cox of 
                                               Watwood & Heavener, Centralia, IL 
                                               Computer use within the W.T.P., Jim Swayze, Carbondale, IL, 
                                               Safe Drinking Water Act Changes, Roger Selburg, IEPA

Cobden             July 20, 1989    Safe Use of Air Pacs, Robt. Fleming, Marion, IL

Flora                Aug. 17, 1989    Trench Safety, Jim Klein, Cairo, IL

Centralia           Oct. 5, 1989      LADIES NIGHT OUT � House of Kai      
                                                Radon Gas, Melanie Hamel � Caspary, IL Dept. of Nuclear 

Salem              Apr. 12, 1990    Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, Amy Burns, IEPA Lake 
                                               Management, David Muir, GERPDC-Carbondale, IL

*Nashville         May 24, 1990    Iron and Manganese Control, Craig Lundell � KJELL
(Washington Co.                      Water Consultants: Underground Storage Tanks, �Burr� Filson �
Water Co.)                               IEPA Permeation Safety of Pipe and Gaskets, Robt. Walker, Uni-                                               Bell PVC Pipe Assoc. � Dallas Texas

Pinckneyville    Aug. 16, 1990    C-T Values, Mike Curry, Curry & Assoc., Nashville, IL NOTE � 
                                               Meeting was canceled due to speaker illness

Giant City         Nov. 15, 1990   �SPOUSES NIGHT OUT� � Guest comedy speaker � Tim Jones,
State Park                                Anna, IL

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